Lock Your Love: Charm Bracelet with Boy Charm, Heart Charm, Home Charm & Clover Charm.

"Keep me close to your heart" bracelet with adorable charms in silver with rose gold plating. 

Choose the full version of this bracelet as pictured with 4 charms (boy/home/clover/heart), or otherwise customize the bracelet with your choice of 1, 2 or 3 charms. 

Silver bracelet links have heart shaped snap-hooks where the charms are inserted. 

Bracelet is adjustable for wrist size up to 7.87 inches (20 cms)  

Charm measurements: 

Boy Charm:  H .51 inches (1.3cm)/ W .39 inches (1cm)

Home Charm:  H .35 inches (.9cm) / W .35 inches (.9cm) 

 Heart Charm:  H .31 inches (.8cm) / W .31 inches (.8cm)

Clover Charm: H .43 inches (1.1cm)   / W .35 inches (.9cm)