For Mom of 3: Necklace with Mixed Gold "Mini" Boy/Girl Silhouettes

Love the look of mixed gold as much as we do?

Our charms come in rose gold, white gol or yellow gold. 

We've personalized this necklace for a mom of 3, customizing a unique look that mixes the different gold colors in the following ways: 

1) Mixing Rose gold with white gold

2) Mixing Yellow gold with Rose gold and White gold (1 charm in each different color) 

3) Mixing Yellow gold with Rose gold (see last image to see look of yellow gold with rose gold)

If you want to create your own combination that is not listed in these options, please contact us at and let us know how you would like to customize your necklace. 

Engrave your child's initials or name to make it even more dear to your heart.

Choose below to create your customized necklace based on the sex of your little ones and the color of golds you prefer. 

Size of each Girl/Boy Pendants:  .4 in w x .35 in h  (1cm w x .90 cm h)

Chain: 18kt rose gold / Pendants: 9kt rose gold / Spacers: 9kt rose gold